01.06.2014 Exp.Arch. GuestProf. Francois Roches premiere of the student movie zEITgAST l MythomaniaS

01.06.2014 Exp.Arch. GuestProf. Francois Roches premiere of the student movie zEITgAST l MythomaniaS
zEITgAST (6mn / Innsbruck / 2015)

Entwerfen M2
Institut für experimentelle Architektur.hochbau
François Roche, Stephan Henrich, Galo Moncayo Asan, Marc Ihle, Peter 'Griebel

Alexander Grasser, Jörg Stanzel, Lukas Härtenberger, Philipp Rust, Theresa Uitz, Lino Lanzmaier, Pedja Gavrilovic, Simeon Brugger, Alexander Nikolas Walzer, Gülay 'Güldemir

Francois Roche & Camille Lacadee

...Psychotic machines, psychotic apparatuses and fragments … Bodies in verse, bodies-becoming… are meeting in the stories of their symptoms… plausible. The ‘forbidden’ is reintroduced as a possible, and, what was rejected or considered as an improper ingredient within our computer graphic idealization of the world is coming back like a George Bataille’ substance… in a repulsive ‘curiouser and curiouser’ affinity, in the pursuit of the notion of risk of Ulrich Beck....
The human being isn’t any more considered as a bio-eco-consumer but is drifting into a psycho-computing-animal which defi(n)es its situation and condition of living simultaneously to the architecture’s emergences, as a co-dependency, a co-relationship… for a Siamese twin alienation (the eggs and the chicken together with the cat of Schrödinger). Para-psychoses, projections of the mind, delusions and singularities seem more relevant: Lines of Subjectivities vs Function, Bodies vs Body, Substances vs Design, Scenario vs Concept… ‘Pataphysics vs pseudo-Scientific Mystical Positivism, Strategies of Resistance and Negotiation vs Parametric Autism …
Fragments differ from time to time: shelter made of stones and lachrymatories (as in “… Would Have Been My Last Complaint”), woven bamboo (“the Feral Child”), stifling anatomical membranes (“(beau)strosity “), aquaria-like protrusions of blown glass (” Although (in) hapnea “) or spiral-shaped ceramic endless assemblages (“Terra Insola”). Environments as symptoms of an inner condition, in a constant exchange between narrative and emergence, providing the “raison d’ être” of the entire process: a storytelling manifested in the creation of a fiction which uses an emerging structure as a by-product and where a material structure with its physical characteristics takes shape and instructs the story.
Each scenario is a description of a condition of solitude in relation to a symptomatic emergent structure, where the fragment is the very “raison d’être” of his/her emotions: the true story of an old Indian book collector exiled from his community on the suspicion of atheism, who finds refuge in a tear-collecting shelter (“… Would Have Been My Last Complaint”); a scientist captured by a water spirit remains trapped like a fish in the mindscape of a fish butcher (“Although (in) hapnea”); a monster-boy endomorph constantly overfed, protected in a claustrophilic antidote-jacket from the love excess of his incestuous mother (“(beau)strosity”) ; the suspended time of Ariadne floating between two periods, two macho spirals, testosteroned Theseus and alcoholic Dionysus (“Terra Insola”) ; the feral child, innocent, naïve, and obscene, in the deep jungle, auscultated by scientism and voyeurism (“the Offspring”) ; the ‘difference and repetition’ of an affective alienation become caged food in the pursuit of the book of Gilles Deleuze (Σdays)… etc. (LabM4 with FRoche, CLacadee & SHenrich, EBlasetti, DWillems, GJahn, DJernigan...)




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