Project: Nurbster VII

2007 Nurbster VII exhibition installation for the Bartfest 2007

Design team: marcosandmarjan; 
Collaboration: Yousef Al-Mehdari; 
Manufacturing of the LG HI MACS® elements: Rosskopf und Partner; lasercutting: Westcut Waterjet.

This NURBSTER was designed for the Bartfest 2007. It is built of lasercut and notched plywood sheets plus thermoformed petals in LG HI MACS®.

CAD/CAM technologies are long established in the shipbuilding industry and strongly expanding due to availability and affordability. So far however, these technologies have not drastically changed the way architecture is theorised, designed or produced. If at all, such expertise has been used for the mass-manufacturing of product design, and - rarely – for larger scale structural, engineered parametric interventions such as sheds, roofs and high-rise buildings. The NURSBTERs employ a file-to-factory design methodology to develop experimental timber and steel structures, façades, skins, and ergonomic internal secondary structures, division walls, and furniture pieces from innovative materials such as LG HI MACS®.