DigiTale: 2&1/2D - Digital Haikus

DigiTale: 2&1/2D - Digital Haikus
Marjan Colletti (2005).

Digital Haikus (17 syllables verse 5–7–5) to the 24 prints:

1. Intraface is not
A boundary but bounded –
Inside a system.

2. It’s there, is it not?
The depth of digital space
Which was not designed.

3. Gradients and shadows,
Line widths, strokes and their colours –
Deep appearances.

4. Architectural,
Typological turn to

5. Infinite, zero:
Ontological aspects
Of digital worlds.

6. Interpretating
The digital mimetic:
Observing VR.

7. Calculation,
Poetic automatism –
Work well together.

8. A thinking machine:
The computer won’t exclude
My symbolic bliss.

9. Let us overcome:
Virtual aloofness and

10. Layers of fiction,
Enhancing realities –
Merging narratives.

11. Computers: just tools?
A total irrational

12. Not illustrations
Of mere shapes, but expressions –
Of circumstances.

13. Disinformation:
It’s qualitative rather
Than quantitative.

14. Information
Coagulated within,
Is what is performed.

15. Symmetric twin blots –
Expose interpretative
Projective aspects.

16. Splinear fabric;
Intrafaces build on a
Convoluted field.

17. Ornamentation;
Rather than surface.

18. Computational,
Mathematical objects:
Vectors, not pixels.

19. n-dimensional
Infinite, digital space –
Flattened to zero.

20. Algorithmic and
Parametric designing:
The neo-Sachlichkeit.

21. It’s architecture?
Alternative options for
These all-purpose NURBS.

22. Surfaces and blobs –
In fact rendered boundaries,
Are nothing but flat.

23. The 3D is fake –
Feathery, furry or soft,
Transparent or not.

24. Albeit just abstract.
What the drawing may show is
The power of space