Bartlett and UCL very strong at REF 2014

Happy to have contributed to the success with my research: The Bartlett has the most world-leading research in its field in the UK, according to the Government’s Research Excellence Framework (REF2014). As one of UCL’s ten faculties, The Bartlett’s performance directly contributed to the institution’s overall success and its confirmation as the top-rated university in the UK for research strength, calculated by a measure of average research score multiplied by staff numbers submitted.

The Bartlett’s submission stands out for its inclusiveness; it submitted 151 scholars (c. 136 FTE overall), which was over twice the size of the nearest other submission to the REF sub-panel, and represents 94% of eligible staff. Nearly a third of the staff members in The Bartlett’s submission are Early Career Researchers, more than any other university within the same sub-panel. Every one of its young researchers was included, which demonstrates the faculty’s strong collective commitment to the future of built environment research. To further illustrate this point, the research environment that The Bartlett provides for its staff and students was graded as almost 90% at 4* world-leading level, the highest score for the sub-panel.

The Bartlett’s results in the REF 2014 exercise are among the very best within UCL, which was ranked 1st overall for its research strength, returning a total of 2,750 scholars (c. 2,566 FTE) as 92% of the eligible staff in the university. UCL’s highly inclusive approach, as exemplified by The Bartlett, reflects its status as a genuinely research-intensive university where a supportive environment enables staff to live up to their potential as world-class researchers.

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