Book release: RESEARCH AND PROJECT ALMANAC 2011-2013, Marjan Colletti (ed.), innsbruck university press 2013

Book release: RESEARCH AND PROJECT ALMANAC 2011-2013

Editor: Univ.-Prof. Marjan Colletti, PhD
Coeditor: Peter Griebel
Graphic Design and Typography: Peter Griebel, Anne Steinkogler
Editorial staff: Thomas Mathoy, Anne Steinkogler
Copy editing: Allison Weiler
Printing and binding: in Austria by Innsbruck University Press
© 2013 University of Innsbruck

ISBN: 978-3-902936-09-7 
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The Institute for Experimental Architecture.Hochbau at the University of Innsbruck, Austria is headed by Univ.-Prof. Marjan Colletti, PhD (co-principal marcosandmarjan, Bartlett School of Architecture UCL). It is the largest operating institute of the faculty of architecture. The scope of work produced covers a wide range, from the basics to advanced building construction, through experimental design and research. In addition, it has been specializing in parametric design protocols and digital technologies for over a decade. Recently, the department has also expanded into design-research on postdigital design-research paradigms and prototypical robotic fabrication: REX|LAB.