Symposium 03.02.10: Procedures and Enquiries

De·sign, Pro·ject. Rigorously Drawing (on) the Definitely-Maybe
Marjan speaks at the
Procedures and Enquiries Symposium on Drawing
University of the Arts, London
Wednesday 3rd Feb 2010
Triangle Space / Lecture Theatre
Chelsea College of Art & design
10am – 5pm

This ongoing series of symposia aims to discuss processes and practices of spatial investigation and design in relation to contemporary drawing practice.
In the 21st century digital interfaces increasingly inform our understanding of art, architecture and design. In the past 20 years the viral spread of computing hardware and software has re-defined the protocols and procedures of the thinking/drawing process. Recent editing, 3D modelling and projection technology has changed the immersive possibilities of the drawing space and opened up new avenues for time-based drawing. Many artists and designers are enthusiastic about the further potential of this technology for an expanded digital drawing practice, while others resist and continue to champion a more craft-based or hybrid approach.
This symposium provides a chance to discuss contemporary methodologies and approaches from across disciplines.

Marjan Colletti's work attempts to bridge the gap between architectural theory and the built environment, as due to its narrative potential, ‘original digitality’ ought to be defined and fashioned both in design, as well as in text. The endeavour is to establish on various platforms - research, education and practice - a debate in which experimentation, technology and progress do not exclude emotions, traditions and identity.

Here, digital research is not to be understood as merely addressing parametric requirements, and digital design not as simply being referred to as form generation. Instead, they both arise from an approximative and dynamic setup of experience and experimentation, method and serendipity. Criticising pure parametric and algorithmic computerised architecture in favour of a poetic digital avant-garde, equally developed through 3D software and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC), Rapid Protoyping (RP), Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technologies, Marjan ventures into grasping and predicting (de·sign, pro·ject) the approximately exact properties - hitherto less theorised than their counterpart: parameters - of the computer itself and the resulting computer-aided architectural design (CAAD).

Besides the politics of Digital Poetics, the talk will also discuss EXUBERANCE - New Virtuosity in Contemporary Digital Architecture, the return of ornamentation, plus the inclusive agenda of DigitAlia, the 'other' digital practice.
[Image: Marjan Colletti]