Unit 20 2005/06

Diploma Unit 20 Marjan Colletti and Shaun Murray
The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London

Programme 05-06:
Mimetic Nuclei/Boundaries/Fields/Territories

Mimesis: implies identity and representation
Nucleus: implies density and growth
Boundary: implies limits and greatest possible degree
Field: implies events and rules
Territory: implies occupation and interaction

Unit 20 features design work that draws on the social, economic and environmental issues of the people of Havana, Cuba.
The goal is to further the field of architecture by mobilizing theories of the technological, spiritual and ecological into a vision of syncretic architecture. All the projects bring together disparate entities - material and non-material - and their philosophic, religious, and cultural customs and codes of Havana.

In Western society, our need to continually change our surroundings reveals the commonness of architecture as a human activity and its embodiment of the human need to address specific situations. Each project provides a clear and rigorous framework for the architect based on multiple levels of communication and reflexiveness with the renegotiation of territories, boundaries and fields in the local socio-political environment and the global contemporary vision of architecture.

The fact that when architecture can fully exchange information with natural phenomena, architecture's capabilities for knowledge and communication would be far deeper and more extended than presently understood. It would also blur the boundary lines of our individuality - our very sense of separateness with the built environment.

Yr 4: José Chan, Ben Cowd, Gareth Evans, Marc Ishikawa, Ting Jiang, Sara Shafief, Gordon Sung, Johan Voordouw. Yr 5: Jackson Cheng, Masaki Kakizoe, Tobias Klein, Kenny Tsui, Hong Tao Wei