Kenny Tsui and Masaki Kakizoe, Unit 20 2005
Lu Jia Zhui Herbal Therapeutic Park, Shanghai

Fast growing Cities such as Shanghai chaotically creates large plots of left over unused spaces- Urban Voids. This project challenged the symbolical and topographical idea of a Submerged Ginseng Root as an iconic intervention in the heart of the fast growing, un-charactered towers of Shanghai, the pulsating and sculptural qualities of the laboratories promotes public interaction through an engaging herbal garden that redefines its relationship with the city towers. The multiple layerings of the building organization creates a complexity of connection elements, which results as various viewing voids that would frame the image of the skyscraper for the user of the lower levels of the inverted market. The intervention into the empty space of the city redefines the urban void as an environment that is living and evolving with the constant changes of the city.